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Explore the effect of printing processes for printing quality

Explore the effect of printing processes for printing quality printing has many processes in order to get a good print, you must issue to just go and treat each process and vice versa, there is a procedure are at stake, are unlikely to get quality prints. Printing operation, scanning, group production, a film, proofing, proofing, printing and so on. Here, I will introduce each of the various processes and discuss with you. First, scan the original quality and the level of use of color is an important factor restricting the printing quality. In colour originals on the selection and use of color, color schemes, whether to meet the printing requirements, have become the main factors that affect overall print quality. Especially photos, ignoring printing requirements, direct impact on the overall quality of printing. Long fine pen, pictures are painted, colorful, rich, vivid picture to the reader to enjoy the beauty. It's hard to imagine a set of partial color seriously, lack of halftoning, issued on deformation of the original to be a wonderful effect. Poor-quality manuscript, although you can deal with, but to be clear is that pictures information only on the original basis to pick up information, not recycling information. Every adjustment will lose a large number of levels and color information. This, on selection of photos manuscript proposed following requirements, that color accurate, and size moderate, and level clear, clarity good, and not virtual barren, color bright, and color rich, and accurate, and realistic; contrast moderate, level distribution uniform; print, two times manuscript best is cable 150 accounts above printing products, and best don't zoom using; network download photos level less, and sharp of excessive, and color no, and like Prime low, should caution with. Manuscript down, is the question of how to scan and process. Manuscript types, not the same scope, contents and color vary, photo copied style, to meet the printing requirements, is the central task of scanning and processing work. The cornerstone of this work is: faithful to the original, higher than the original manuscript and style unity. Picture scan is a picture the first step of the process, is faithful to the original concrete steps, impact on the photo print quality is decisive. To be faithful to the original as possible, extent of the faithful to the originals as possible, depending on the manuscript to determine the appropriate scanning environment. The manuscript should be carefully analyzed, such as the original type, scope level, black and white, color, content, location, size, and so on. Some scanners with original analysis function, full use can have a multiplier effect. While analysis of manuscript of the shortcomings and deficiencies and understand the intentions of editing, special requirements, so that when scanning and adjusting adjustment and compensation. It should be noted that originals before scanning analysis is an important work. Scanner parameter settings affect information pickup. Scan of first scanning software for each parameter you want to have a clear understanding and aware of its effect on print quality. Second, to set each parameter according to the manuscripts, printed things. During processing of the picture to master the following main points: ① picture level adjustments. Level adjustment of purpose has II: a is will dot in printing process in the of expanded for compensation, will main level concentrated in 10%~60% of Visual sensitive district, in adjustment process in the, is makes manuscript of order adjustable maximum to and printing by can reproduction order adjustable phase corresponds to, to makes image clear real; on the, to according to manuscript content and the level distribution situation, adjustment Visual Shang reaction of high, and in the, and low-key level. ② the school color. School colors is to reproduce the manuscript reflects the (rather than the original itself) color. In the course of operation, mainly correcting color cast caused by the copy or scan, ensure that body parts of color accuracy, ensure accurate primary colors. Color correction adjustments to make sure the screen effects and adapted to the printing effect. School colors should be specific parameter values for valued pictures instead of only on the screen display. ③ the conversion of RGB to CMYK format. Printing out a piece of the picture must be in CMYK format. The color parameter setting will directly affect the printed result. Black generation ranges in the color parameter, maximum ink, color mode, dot gain, are very important printing conditions you want changed, should cooperate with good printing. ④ sharpening. Sharpening is an effective means to improve image clarity. Sharpening is too small a level plain, much too new levels. There is one more thing to note, different sharpening requirements are also different. Landscapes can be slightly smaller, and slightly larger. From the screening process, sharpening as well as eliminating loss levels due to screening role. In this connection, the sharpening process is by no means do not do, but with pictures of the necessary processes. Second, group-text mixed arrangement of the Edition Team Edition is an important process, Group Edition standardization is an effective means to guarantee and improve the quality. This process of influence mainly in the quality of follows: text, images, colors, gradients, irregular operation, make the page appear too crowded or too loose the overall aesthetic. II as a result and the actual printing of the screen resolution and different visual effects arising from differences in color mode, led printing results inconsistent with the imaginary. ③ small font sizes or fine lines by use of multi-color printing ghosting occurs. ④ directly in RGB format group and make the picture into black and white. ⑤ version in the group picture and picture effect in tension and compression in the process and output slow. Especially the larger photo, effect on the picture. Therefore, the set version should be carried out in strict accordance with the standardization requirements. Images must be in CMYK format, image size changes should be carried out in Photoshop, don't tension and compression, distortion, pictures, text blocks, blocks of color space standard; the kerning of the text don't change, so beautiful. Three play peace, a film print, also known as output, the process included RIP publishing, imagesetters exposure film and for some operations such as washing, screening. Data, standardization of process control, is a means of quality assurance. Effects of this process on quality are: ① text due to linear output film bad thick, fat, print is too dark, the picture color deviations and poor reproduction and color swatch color deviation. ② as the film exposure, improper flushing condition arising excessive ash at the end of the film, lack of density. Reflected in the page layout from dirty, field issued, low network level network loss, network performance, paste. ③ due to net mesh size too high or too low pastes the picture as a result of networks, network performance, the level of poor performance. Black moire due to improper screen angles, poor color. ⑤ due to film positioning precision is too low and the emergence of printing errors and causes imposition error register mark is too coarse. ⑥ typesetting parameter inconsistencies appear different sections of mixed results. Sadly due to improper washing and checking operations led scribing, Horseshoe prints, dirty and so on, are reflected directly in your layout, scratches, empty, dirty track layout, etc. Therefore, film output process should note the following points: ① data control is to improve the film output of process control, quality assurance Foundation. Film output data control has two elements, one is to ensure the accuracy of output outlets, network errors should be controlled within 2%; the second is ash after the film output, the maximum density value to meet the requirements, bottom ash (d. ) Should be less than 0.04, maximum density Dmax ≥ 3.0. This through exposure, wash several times in the process of testing to find a precise set of system parameters and different batches of raw material, different times are adjusted accordingly. For different film, through tests and multiple linear adjustment, to enable the film to meet the above requirements. Secondly, careful operation, seriously. Standardization work is important step to ensure the quality of output. Output the layout parameters to ensure consistent, add lines meet the printing requirements, screen angle accurately moire, four color repetitive positioning accuracy within 25 μ m, location, size, thickness, uniformity of the alignment cross. Upon completion of the task will be proof. Analog proofing and proofing with digital proofing in two ways. Directly determining the sampling effect, so how is that the closed, playing, and later in print, has a big impact. Print pay attention to selection of light intensity and exposure time. Red version-solution configurations are required to do, can do tests first, before deciding on the relevant values. Four printing printing is a very important process. Of course, where a lot of techniques. First of all, master control and balance, is the key to improve print quality. Balance is the basis for printing, but the ink control right to make printed newspaper graphic clarity, color depth, set accurately. Master the balance water is the key. On the premise of promise not to dirty, bring the water to a minimum extent and amount of water and ink at a relatively stable state. Too little water, not only dirty, layout and writing dull, pale gray, imprinted name, sometimes there will be snow: too much water, appears imprinted not full, graphic pale, writing swear falsely, flat, and so on. The absolute balance of ink is not only relatively balanced. In order to stabilize the color balance is required in practical work, do the following: ① note fountain equipment. I now use most of the fountain is a company of Guangzhou DSC fountain the fountain and a Shanghai company, with proportions is generally 2%~2.5%, controlling the water temperature at 16 degrees Celsius, pH value during 5.5~6. 5, conductivity values around 1600, salinity is about 0.50 (Wuchang East Lake area of tap water are: conductivity value is 270,pH value is 7, a salinity of 0). According to the quality of the paper is different, adjust the ink supply. Due to the different origin of the paper, the smoothness of the paper is also different. Seasons, the water content of the paper is also different. When you are printing a different paper, adjust the balance. Slick and slightly smaller scraps of newsprint with less water, rough and scraps of newsprint, water should be slightly larger machine at high speeds, due to the relatively small water speed, low speed can be slightly larger. This according to the General equipment, paper, inks and different indoor and outdoor conditions to adjust the ink supply. ③ control temperature and humidity of the environment, to improve the print quality. Due to the layout of water is circulated in the form of both direct and indirect, layout of water if the printing ink balance needs are met, mostly distributed to space. Under normal circumstances, circulated by the higher the ambient temperature more quickly. ④ purchased secondary materials, as far as possible meet the balance requirement. Printing inks, plates, rubber air cushion cloth, paper, and ink a lot. Paper weight, the poor quality of its economic aspects, plates, inks and other main surface you want to turn off the selection, you should try to select good materials, normally do not often change brands. Workshops regularly, in principle, is what should be used to buy, rather than buy what with what. II strengthening the maintenance and inspection of the equipment, is a means of improving the print quality. Advanced printing equipment, maintenance and repair to keep up, to improve the printing quality is very important. In practice, therefore, to improve the quality of prints, it is necessary to enhance the maintenance and repair of printing equipment. Regular cleaning of rollers, ink tank, water tanks, water and sink. Printed every day this cleaning includes cleaning at the end of each change before the wash and thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, don't let ink residues within the pores on the surface of the rubber blanket. Oxidation after prolonged or conjunctiva, lower ink absorption ability, so that the ink transfer reduces. Clean residual ink in the ink tank and ink key around the impurities, which key strengths. Especially as the remote-controlled device, it should ensure that its clean around the ink key. To regularly clean the water tank, water tank and water to ensure water circulation flow, changing the water fountain water when equipped with proportional, so water has a pH value in the normal state.
f periodically check the transmission pressure. As the seasons change, the machine kept running for a long time, small changes in pressure from all parts of these changes has a direct impact on print quality. Because the printing roller pressure roller water pressure between rolls, are considered essential to print quality. Particularly the seasonal variations in pressure between rollers is more serious. Under normal circumstances, every year in March and November, climate change is particularly evident in two months, must be a big adjustment the pressure roller. Usually the machine and maintenance personnel, every half month roller pressure and cylinder pressure must be checked once, found problems adjusted and resolved.

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