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Offset printed on thin paper increase speed as well as quality tips

Offset printed on thin paper tips to improve speed and quality offset printing thin paper, some suggestions:
1) when tapping on the paper, tissue paper and thick paper (100-350g/㎡) methods are not the same, tapping on flimsy paper about beating even, neat, tapping distance as small as possible, and spacing the best, so as to avoid wrinkling paper. May rush to printing on paper, knock only drag-and-shoot, its flat to ensure a smooth paper. 2) paper less feet than when printing thick paper, General 5mm.
3) feeding wheel light as possible, based on the paper with smooth rolling of the wheel, reducing resistance and prevent paper curling. 4) for better light control system of the machine, such as a series of KBA, Komori offset press, time to clean up its paper, preferably a frequency sweep, so as not to affect light sensitivity, cause the machine to stop for no reason. Because, for tissue printing, light control function is more important. 5) print shop temperature, humidity and paper library, preventing the paper frills or contraction affect overprinting and feeding smoothly. Qualified enterprises, using air conditioning or air humidifiers can achieve better results if no conditions, watering and drying paper and other means can be taken to improve the printability of paper. (Source: 6) printing thin paper, printing speed a little faster is better, delivery system and transport system will be more stable. In General, the maximum machine speed of 10,000 Indian/hour machine, speed set to 6500 Indian/hour or better; 15,000 Indian/hour of high-speed machine, printing speed set at 9500/hour is good. BACK PAGE