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1  sample analysis of       customers often provide samples for manufacturers to design his simple to explain his intentions, most of the tasks done by you. Is important to understand his intentions, caused many disputes is that you do not truly understand what he really thinks, you have to find out what type of sample material, and printing process. Sometimes customers know the type of material, but most of the time do not know, you can identify it based on their own judgment. Material type also determines the choice of printing parameters, add lines, mesh count, scrape with sclerosis denaturalization of prepress process, and so on. &Nbsp;   2   select ink       is difficult to select ink is a simple matter. You could master the ink on the adaptability of printing materials, know how to ink on the printed material containing resin has good adaptability. But the social division of labour does not care how much you know, you often only based on ink manufacturers to provide information to select, you need to verify the authenticity of the data. Might be good for, in most cases, ink, there are exceptions, but there are some special cases, you may wish to experiment with several ink prepared. &Nbsp;     choice of ink from a theoretically simple to understand, the key to testing according to the existing ink. Screen printing inks mainly has following several brands. Gao's ink (COATES) is a United Kingdom the hermit brothers produced brand of ink, production in the long-term practice of solvent-based inks are laid in position of authority. As environmental protection products, must be France Dolby company products "Dolby UV ink" will be familiar. Although Dolby company is unlikely, for UV inks is boss, from the initial screen printing inks and printing inks to UV inks and offset inks credit card, Dolby companies have good performance. Apollo ink is famous for its bright color, in the current ink variety and adaptability, it has been widely praised. If you want to print in metal products, glass products, first select Apollo ink, Germany ink quality is the best in the world, printing processes leading to create a superior system of quality, which of course includes ink resins and pigments, today Germany inks also maintained a fineness and adhesion of two world records. In the field of special printing, you can't help but focus on Malay company Marabu inks. "Extreme" is ever bright industries limited for the development of the mid-range market with special inks, we promote quality, but more about the effect. Printing plastic products with it, makes you even doubt that it is printed in ink in Europe. &Nbsp;   3 with regard to printed color       color printing is the superposition of the four primary colors to replicate the original rich color and level of information, theoretically restore completely transparent to keep the real color of ink, ink is made out of resin Binder and pigment, resin cannot be fully transparent pigment itself also has some coverage, these factors affect the color. &Nbsp;     color sequence associated with the transparency of the ink. Transparency of the ink coverage, and should be printed. Transparency is the worst of the original yellow ink, printing yellow ink, and now the situation has changed, Huang Mo after the first print printed matter very much. Theoretically, the four basic colors of ink in addition to differences in hue and other good indicators should be as close as possible, the reality is another, the saturation of blue has a great influence on printing color, saturation of cyan, so prints tend to be cool, so when the green color saturation can be blue in the earlier color order. Black is used to increase the profile of print, graphic high contrast requirement, then the final print in black. Black density size prints also have influence, too much density will cover some level so high density black ink can be placed in the first color printing, low density black ink in the final print. &Nbsp;   4  determine the screen line number        higher the screen line number, copy the more abundant levels, but high screen line screen printing more difficult. Determine screen line number first of all to consider the Visual environment, that is, from what kind of distance to see this image, sight distance should be to determine the number of lines the most basic standards. Vision closer, added lines can be a little higher, this can improve clarity, Visual farther, plus line-screen ruling appropriate lower, thus reducing the printing more difficult. Sometimes customers don't know much about screen printing features, demands for unnecessary lines blindly, you ought to persuade him to change his mind. The range usually below 80 mesh screen printing copy, add line number is too high printing will appear in the highlight areas of network loss, details could not be reproduced. In addition, the added line number too high can also bring difficulties to select screen. In accordance with the usual method, screen mesh should be print, film, and screen resolutions of 4 times. Excessive screen line number will cause the ink layer is too thin, graphics and text contrast is reduced, this also affects the image of expression. &Nbsp;     as the number of lines increase, decreasing dot size, until the network not printing. Unlike offset printing that can copy 3%~98% screen printing dot, it strictly speaking you can only copy 15%~85% dot, dot above 15% lost below the dot will expand into the field of 85%, for very fine manuscript, scanned into the computer needs to be level after correction and gradient compression to be restored. Compressed image highlights and dark dot under the given line number to be reproduced. Of course, the transition tonal range compression can result in some loss of detail. &Nbsp;   5  output resolution determines film       output resolution (DPI) is set too low, the film will appear jagged, if the resolution is too high (line number unchanged), print film layer is richer, but gray series multiply, screen printing and replication capability is limited, it may even make it impossible for screen printing. Practice has proved that the screen printed hard copy prints of more than 100 lines. Of course, advances in technology development promoting screen printing, such a conclusion is not absolute. &Nbsp;     6  choice wire       wire mesh in weft direction should have a consistent number of line tension and balance, otherwise it will cause a moire and misregister. Screen parameter should include the network diameter, mesh count, tensile curve and the thickness of the screen. &Nbsp;     (1) rough graphic printing select the mesh screen, fine graphics and printing high mesh screen;      (2) screen mesh option and print, soft screen line to match the number, usually in print, film and screen resolutions of 4 times as the mesh number;    &Nbsp;  (3) for UV inks, taking into account the effect of curing, mesh count should not be too low. &Nbsp;     (4) fine graphic printing and dyeing printing preferences screen, colored screen resolution is much higher than the white screen. &Nbsp;     (5) select mesh calculator can help you gain data, and determining the number of dynamic and static mesh count mesh. &Nbsp;   7 setting press trip       substrate is first installed, and then hold the scraper at the substrate surface and position when suitable fixed block. Curved surface screen printing machine, adjusted screen move the journey should exceed the perimeter of a plastic bottle. Proper trip can save time, increase printing speed, also reduced to incoherence of the ink, can print out the good points.