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Effects of paper formation on printing quality

  Formation of the paper, not only affects the performance of the paper, and has a direct impact on print quality. Serious irregularity of the paper, the paper bag is "seersucker", this will inevitably occur in the print quality problems because of poor smoothness. General poor uniformity of paper to light when light is not even "cloud flower" shape. This poor uniformity of paper, some poor smoothness of the surface and density is not uniform, the acceptance and assimilation of ink will produce a great deal of heterogeneity, which must disturb the uniformity and printing screen uniformity and reduced print quality. In the field part of print, sometimes slight unevenness. This uneven concentration of mostly uneven, but there are also uneven on the luster. Uneven is the main reason of this paper to ink absorption of uneven. The absorption characteristics and formation of the paper is closely related to formation of paper, the density is not uniform fiber distribution and density differences are more obvious, so the ink absorption and absorption rate will vary, so it is easy to produce printing uneven concentration and the gloss on the surface. Similarly, coated paper the formation has an impact on print quality. Coated paper, absorb the ink areas is coating, but when the paper's uniformity when it will cause a coating of adhesive to the uneven penetration of the original paper, which naturally causes uneven coating layer absorbs the ink. In addition, the formation of the original paper is poor, will also cause uneven coating coating, especially blade coating coating uniformity and homogeneity of the paper has a lot of relevance, so often the uniformity of the original paper causes uneven coating layer absorbs the ink. Other defects and shortcomings of the paper surface, suriko, stains, wrinkles, and dust, wet spots, impact on print quality is self-evident, Cheung said, is no longer here.