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Ideal for wine packaging and printing methods

Wine packaging printed on traditional offset printing, using thick paper-color offset printing press, such as multi-color offset press Heidelberg, beautifully printed, speed, will print 0. 6~1. 0mm of thick paper, can reach speeds of 1. 50,000 sheets per hour, printed wine is appropriate. The printing process of offset is fairly mature, especially in halftone printing, a method of standardization and data. However, wine packaging and printing halftone printing in addition, also involves a lot of color copies, such as the large red field, gold (Silver) color, effect, etc. Because of-particularly in the field spot-color saturation and brightness are higher, while offset printing in the printing field, limited by the ink film thickness, appeared to be inadequate. You can use "deep after the first" two printing at design time, avoiding hollow characters on the field, so as not to increase the difficulty of printing.   Now, because the wine packaging materials commonly used compound paper-like material, and ordinary ink print, adhesion, resistance to friction and dryness problems. Therefore, manufacturers generally to Uv offset technology, solve complex problems in paper publications. Because Uv inks dramatically improve the physical properties of the surface of the ink layer, some packaging printing companies have started to use Uv offset ink printing fine sand, gold, silver and other conventional offset printing is difficult to achieve results. Gravure printing for high saturation, high contrast, high brightness, uniformity, and printing plate high as another optional way of wine packaging and printing. If your art design in the field of large, require solid ink color, normal offset slightly less using gravure printing, you can meet the demand. Another advantage of gravure printing is printing and other printing materials except paper, such as on the anti-counterfeiting film with laser printing, compound with the Board again, achieved another kind of Visual effects, and so on. Because gravure wine packaging, colors and lines on the ground most of sedan in the relatively stringent requirements for color management, print process control for the offset printing, flexo printing easier. Screen printed scrubs, refraction, ice icing on the cake, wrinkles and other artistic effects to make wine packaging, greatly arouse consumers ' desire to buy. In addition, because of the brightness of the screen after uV partial glazing products increases, stronger, often used in wine packing box decoration. Flexo printing is currently rarely used in wine packaging box printing, some beer labels will use this way of printing. Believe the environmental and health benefits, will be gradually accepted and favored by the winery.