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Packaging design composition elements

  Composition is the packaging showing logo, graphics, text and arrangement of a complete picture. The four aspects of the overall effect of a combination packaging.   Composition elements of product design trademarks, graphics, text and a correct and appropriate use of color, beautiful, it can be called a good design work. 1. Logo     logo is a symbol, is a symbol of enterprises, institutions, goods and facilities. Trademark is a closed with arts and crafts, which involves political, economic, legal and artistic fields. Trademark characteristic is determined by its function, form. It is more simple to convey rich content to clean, more general form, shown in a relatively small space, and need to be observed in a relatively short period of time to understand the meaning of its intrinsic. Trademarks trademarks can generally be divided into text, graphics, trademark combination of graphics and text marks in three forms. A successful logo design, product should be a combination of creative expression.   Creativity is based on the design requirements, some synthesize, analyze, summarize and generalize the concept through philosophical thinking, abstract images, design concept by gradually translated into concrete image abstract comment design. 2. Graphic design   graphic packaging mainly refers to the product images and other accessory decorative image. Graphic design language, is to take the image of intrinsic and extrinsic factors to show it, in the form of Visual images convey information to consumers. To achieve this objective, accurate positioning of graphic design is very critical. Process of positioning that is familiar with all of its contents, including the product, trademark, name meaning and status of similar products, and many other factors have to be familiar with and research. Graphics on its manifestations can be divided into physical and decorative graphics. Domestic packaging design AeroLite real graphics: painting, photography photo to show. Painting is the main form of packaging design, packaging need to draw a picture of the overall concept, for goods and services. Photography photo than it has freedom of choice, refined and generalized characteristics. Painting strong intuition, taste, and is a means of promotion, beautification, selling goods. However, commercial decisions should be designed to highlight the performance of the packaging goods real image, to give consumers an intuitive image, therefore the photography industry, intuitive visual image is the best packaging design expression. Decorative graphics: divided into figurative and abstract expression. Concrete figures, landscapes, animal or plant motifs as symbolic of the packaging graphics that you can use to display the package's contents and properties. Abstraction techniques used for FreeHand, point, line and plane in the abstract geometric patterns, color or texture effect to form pictures, concise, eye-catching, form and packaging the main expression. Typically, concrete forms and abstract expression in the design of packaging is not isolated, but in combination.   The dialectical unity of content and form in graphic design is the universal law, during the design process, according to graphic content needs, and select the appropriate graphic representation, graphic design to achieve unity of form and content, create reflect the spirit of the times, the application of national style, economic, attractive interior design work is the basic requirements of the package design. 3. Color    color design occupies an important position in the packaging design. Landscaping and outstanding product color is an important factor. Use of color is the whole picture design ideas, composition, closely associated with. Color requirements of Planar and even, this is color filtered, refined in the high-level overview. According to the legend and color used for people, a high degree of exaggeration and colour as a means of packaging art. Meanwhile, package colors must also be technology, materials, supplies and sales areas, such as business and limits. Color in the packaging design require eye-catching, contrasts, there is a strong attraction and competitiveness, to attract consumers desire to buy and promote sales. For example, food class and sharp rich of tones, to warm mainly, highlight food of fresh, and nutrition and taste; medicine class and simple of heating tones; cosmetics class common soft of middle tones; small hardware, and mechanical tool class common blue, and black and the other calm of color block, to said solid, and precision and durable of features; children toy class common colorful of pure color and heating compared strongly of various color block, to meet children of psychological and hobby; sports supplies class more used sharp loud color block, to increased active, and movement of feel...... Different products have different characteristics and properties. Designers studied consumer habits and preferences, as well as changes in the domestic and international fashion trends in order to continuously enhance the color consumer psychology and sociology.
4. Text     text is the communication of ideas, communication and information, expressing a theme element symbols. Packaging of the brand, name, description, ad text, as well as the manufacturer, company or distribution units, reflecting the nature of the packaging.   When designing the packaging must have these words as part of a packaging design to the overall consideration. Characters design in packaging decoration design elements: text content is true, vivid, concise, easy to read, easy to remember; font design should reflect the characteristics of the product, quality, unique, and have good recognition and aesthetic functions; text layout and overall design style of packaging should be harmonious.
material elements of material elements are used in packaging materials textures and texture. It tends to affect the Visual effect of packaging. Using different surface changing shape or surface can achieve the best packaging. Packaging materials, whether it is a paper-like material, plastic materials, glass materials, metals, ceramics, wood materials and other composite materials, has a different texture texture effects. Use of different materials, and effective combination of them, may give consumers new, cool or luxury in different senses. Material elements are an important part of packaging design, it is directly related to the overall function of the packaging and the economic cost, production and processing and the recycling of packaging waste, and many other issues.