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Paper price rises a mess

"Tissue prices are a mess right now, you say brand can offer. "Yesterday (25th) morning in Huafeng paper products business had wholesale market said that the rolls of paper, paper towels, sanitary napkins, household paper prices.    Press enquiries revealed fibrous raw material supplies are growing tighter in Yunnan, costs rose 1800 Yuan per ton, to alleviate cost pressures, Kunming, many manufacturers have been frequently adjusted prices of products. Printer paper have exceeded hundred mark press the progressive paper wholesale market survey found that uncoated paper and writing paper, craft paper and has a different range of price adjustments, part pure wood pulp kraft paper prices almost 6000 Yuan/ton, Jingdong magnanimous coated more than more than 9,000 yuan/ton, and is up more than 1000 Yuan more than in the same period last year, and rise after the Spring Festival between 600-800. In addition, the printing paper prices also rose, 85, 90 Yuan/piece 70gA4 paper open tickets have exceeded hundred mark, better quality 125 Yuan/piece, 15% per cent or so. Rising paper, exercise books for students are also adjusted. Pupils with homework 1 3 the money could buy. But yesterday, reporters in the stationery shop near the white horse is aware, some just to exercise book retail price has been updated, pupils with homework for the present, the retail price of 0.5 Yuan/, while middle school students with the article text also rose from 0.8 Yuan to 1. Yesterday, rose over 1000 Yuan per ton of newsprint, a printing house official in Kunming, from last November, one of the cheapest paper – newsprint began to rise. Now just 4 months later, supplying the printing plant's newsprint prices have risen 20%, rising more than 1000 Yuan per ton on average. However, the Director said, the current newsprint prices have not yet reached an all-time. "I estimate that newsprint is likely to rise next August will reach the top. "Book wholesale prices increased by about 5%" are books about price rises, some books is the wholesale price rises, are going up in anyway. "Yesterday, in front of the road book wholesale market, a new wholesale and more than 800 books says, the wholesale price, the purchase price paid more than the usual 5%. Then, he pointed to one of the three kingdoms said--in the past 14, 15.2 Yuan now. Subsequently, the reporters came to market, 2/f, Hong Cheng, Kunming book co. When asked whether the paper price affect book prices, in charge of sales, Guo said, because of some press anticipate this paper price, so plan ahead a lot of printing paper. Cost was not affected, book prices unchanged for the time being and some publishing houses were not prepared before, book price as paper prices increased about 5%. Analysis of papermaking raw materials manufacturers frequently caused by soaring price in the industry it is understood that the international wood pulp prices up 1000 Yuan per ton, up 18%, and higher domestic price increases, up to 25%. More than 30% recovered paper prices also rose, while the international recovered paper prices are also on the rise. Since the beginning of this year, United States shipping of imported waste paper prices rose from February 1, the largest increases of $ 50-200/container, waste about $ 2~8 per ton.