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Printing process steps and pay attention to matters

, Observation in proof printing, try printing set down in ink and water supply will always change and frequently conducted through random images to the General 500-1000 sample 1, focus observe printing overprinting, and ink. Check ink is generally sufficient to print on both sides of the Center and compare, can also compare images turn color and images compared with the previous extraction. If there are changes, ink system do fine-tuning. Layout should also pay attention to moisture changes. Regular checks, especially of one colour and monochrome printing checks, often can extract 20-30 print, will stagger its mouth into alignment, observe the consistency of rule lines from top to bottom, ex ante, the side positioning is accurate. By continuous printing a time Hou, paper of paper powder, and paper hair and the ink in the of small ink skin, dirt real, easy attached in printing version or rubber cloth Shang, caused line, and text of break, and deficiency pen broken painting or graphic stick dirty, as has this class situation, should downtime wipe is paper hair, and ink skin, dirt real, to prevent downtime caused ink color shades changes, General should be put 8-10 Zhang had version blotter Hou again continues to printing. Also, you should always check the printing to observe the back without sticking phenomenon, the graphic area is larger, thick printing ink layer, dusting and dry for splint measures should be taken. Second, after cleaning the blanket printing thousands of copies, due to the accumulation in the blanket of paper powder, skin thicker paper and ink, ink transfer and worse, printing ink become shallow and rough, not gradually, and outline. At this point should be immediately shut down, wash the blanket. There are manual and automatic blanket cleaning methods in two ways. Manual cleaning, move the machine, while dipping oil cloth, dissolves the dirt, and then the stain with a clean cloth to remove. Automatic cleaning, apparatus for handle pulls, contact cleaning roller and rubber roller, and then pouring gasoline through the filler pipe on the pressure roller, blanket cleaning, washing down the dirty oil is transferred to the active rolls, was finally a scraper into the oil tank. Also note that the blanket flat, there should be no pit. Three, between warning printing process, found that failure marked areas should be identified in order to focus on in the process. Method is in striking color well "get dirty," "misregister" and other words of warning paper clips on stacks of paper. Four changes water, pay attention to the layout of the printing process, the printing plate should maintain an appropriate level of water. If water layout, printing inks serious emulsification, imprinted and dull, issued on the line, drying slowly, stretching of the paper, misregister; if the layout too little water, blank part is easy to play dirty, should be based on sampling or layout layout of water changes were observed brightness, be adjusted in a timely manner. Water is too high to reduce the water speed; not enough water to speed up the water bucket roll speed. Five, note the ink changes (1) Note the ink in the ink fountain. Ink fountain ink relies on gravity will naturally flow, its out of ink depending on the size of gap between ink and ink fountain blade. Therefore, the ink inside the ink will directly affect the amount of ink, to ink and stability will have to keep the amount of ink in the ink fountain. Thixotropic ink, often mixing ink ink shovels or install the mixer, so that the ink to maintain good mobility. (2) pay attention to printing ink. Printing ink, water, ink, shop floor temperature and humidity, factors such as machine operation is slightly changed, there would be a difference. Therefore, the need for frequent samples in the printing process, keep it and try printing a standard color controls. In the printing process, the operator must adhere to the three operations, checks printed on that ground, ground observation layout of water, often mixing ink in the ink fountain. In addition, changing color ink on the roller should be cleaned, especially when the ink-dark colour changing light. Six, pay attention to the printed version of the change notice plate shiny small dot does wear adjustment of the light, and need to replace the version; pay attention to see if the layout has scratches, the plate is loose.
, prolonged downtime of seven measures to be taken in, breaks down for a long time, need to take the following measures: (1) to protect the plate. Plates painted the gum Arabic surfaces and careful not to leave air bubbles in the layout, and glue not sticking on the blanket. (2) to prevent drying. To prevent ink and ink on the rollers surface is dry, can be sprayed dried ink surface inhibitors. (3) storage of semi-finished products. Semi-finished product should be stored in airtight, evades the light compaction in the workshop, so as to avoid deformation of the paper, affect overprinting. Eight, attention to the printing presses in operation anomalies anomalies that may occur should keep an eye on offset presses in operation, for example transport er Qing ju machine is making abnormal noise, bearing and frame, the temperature, the vibration of the machine as a whole or in part, machine oil blocks, and so on. Once an exception should outage maintenance in a timely manner.