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Printing types and printing plate material outline

Said up printing of type and knowledge, also on as encyclopedia like of rich and esoteric, and daily are has new of knowledge public, by traditional to modern, and by modern to technology of, this progress of speed is was staggering, which except progress yiwai, in machine Qian operation practice of professional technician are of spot experience also is products success of where, so a perfect of finished is after more people of efforts and years cumulative of experience carefully build and into of. The following description of the common types of printing made simple, and called upon to senior friends feel free. Thank you!!   Printing classification   offset printing: as four color machine, and double color machine, and monochrome machine, and fast press,   letterpress printing: as card machine (resin version), and type printing, and zinc letterpress, and sets number Word,   intaglio printing: as instant noodles of glass bags printing, and cookies of foil bags packaging,   hole version printing: as network printing, and circuit board printing, and cloth spent printing, and canned printing, and Ming version printing, and local glazing,   printing version material   PS Version: for more precision color or monochrome printing, application machines for offset printing presses. General version can be used for continued printing, precision and print quality is quite good.   Resin: as few as the card machine, disc machine for business cards, store cards, invitations, stickers or both.   Art: such as business cards, disc machine, stamping machine, hot stamping, embossing, the special use (use), quality, another of lithographic printing plates (as one of the earliest lithographic printing plates).   Print: suitable for high-speed presses (out of discarded), this version of the paper plates, it cannot be guaranteed, its cost is relatively low.   Version: suitable for screen printing, this version is suitable for printing some special materials, such as; PVC, clothes and so on.   Aluminum plate: apply to printing, but because of the low amount of resistance and malnutrition is high and less solid user.